Media Articles
Slave cases are still cited as good law across the U.S.   This team aims to change that
Rachel Treisman
NPR article and 2-minute listen
Fighting Racial Bias with an Unlikely Weapon: Footnotes 
Justin Wm. Moyer
Washington Post
Reckoning with Slavery 
Rebecca Zietlow
Constitutional Law Jotwell
Professor Justin Simard Writes In on The Importance of Citing Slavery 
Justin Simard
Response to Critiques on the Project and Proposed Bluebook Rule, Reason Magazine, Will Baude and Stephen E. Sachs

The Citing Slavery Project:   Reckoning with the Law of Slavery and its Legacy
Justin Simard
Michigan State University College of Law: February 14, 2022
The Law of Slavery and Alumni of the Litchfield Law School 
Justin Simard
Litchfield Historical Society: March 26, 2021
Discovery Series Featuring Prof. Justin Simard  Addressing the Precedential Weight of Slavery
University of North Texas: October 4, 2022

Papers/Law Review Articles by Team Members
Citing Slavery 
Justin Simard
Stanford Law Review. Citation: 72 STAN.L.REV.79 (2020).
Slavery’s Legalism:  Lawyers and the Commercial Routine of Slavery
Justin Simard
Law and History Review, Volume 37, Issue 2: May 2019, pp. 571-603.
"In Reference to the Death of Isham”:  Slavery, Law and Their Afterlives
Julia W. Bernier and Justin Simard
Journal of Southern History 88, no. 4 (2022): 615-648. doi:10.1353/soh.2022.0215.  An Introduction
Justin Simard, Armando Barcena, Audrea Dakho, Jessica D. Hollan, Clark Johnson, Samuel Jones, Ilina Krishen, Hannah Robinson, Reed Solt
Not Citing Slavery 
Justin Simard
University of Virginia Files

Papers/Law Review Articles by Others
Three Steps to Stop Citing Slavery 
Diane Kemker
On Taboos, Morality, and Bluebook Citations 
Alexander Walker III
Harvard Law Review Blog, June 10, 2023
The Neglected Origins of the Hearsay Rule in American Slavery:   Recovering Queen v. Hepburn
David Alan Sklansky
Supreme Court Review, September 12, 2022
Almost Citing Slavery:   Townshend v. Townshend in Wills & Trusts Casebooks
Diane Kemker
84 University of Pittsburgh Law Review 1
CITATION, SLAVERY, AND THE LAW AS CHOICE:   Thoughts on Bluebook Rule 10.7.1(D)
David Ziff
101 North Carolina Law Review Forum 72 (2023)
The History Wars and Property Law:  Conquest and Slavery as Foundational to the Field
K-Sue Park
The Yale Law Journal. 131 YALE.L.J. 1062
Slave Law, Race Law 
Gabriel J. Chin
University of Colorado Law Review, Volume 94, Issue 2

Podcast Appearances
Ipse Dixit  Justin Simard on Citing Slavery