Justices of the Inferior Court of Irwin County ex rel. Hunter v. Sloan
Citation: 7 Ga. 31
Jurisdiction: Georgia
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This case cites a case that discusses slavery.
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Full name: The Justices of the Inferior Court of Irwin County, for the use of John W. Hunter, William W. Hunter, Mary Jane Hunter, George F. Hunter and others, infants, by their Guardian, John J. Jemison, vs. William Sloan, principal, Robert H. Dixon, Redding Hunter, Frederick Merritt, James L. Wilcox, Thomas L. Wilcox, George Wilcox and James C. Fussell, sureties
Court: Supreme Court of Georgia
Vol.: 7
Reporter: Georgia Reports
First page: 31
Last page: 47
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URL: https://cite.case.law/ga/7/31/
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