Morsani v. Major League Baseball

Citation: 739 So. 2d 610
Jurisdiction: Florida
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This case cites a case that discusses slavery.

Full name: Frank L. MORSANI, individually, and for the Use and Benefit of Tampa Bay Baseball Group, Inc., and Tampa Bay Baseball Group, Inc., individually, a Florida corporation, Appellants, v. MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL; Bowie Kuhn; Peter V. Ueberroth; Edwin M. Durso; Francis T. Vincent, Jr.; National League of Professional Baseball Clubs; Charles S. Feeney; William D. White; American League of Professional Baseball Clubs; Leland S. MacPhail, Jr.; Robert W. Brown, M.D.; National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues, Inc., a Florida Corporation; Atlanta National League Baseball Club, Inc., d/b/a Atlanta Braves; Chicago National League Ball Club, Inc., d/b/a Chicago Cubs; The Cincinnati Reds, d/b/a Cincinnati Reds; Florida Marlins, Inc., a Florida Corporation, d/b/a Florida Marlins; Harry Wayne Huizenga; Blockbuster Entertainment Corp.; Houston Sports Association, Inc., d/b/a Houston Astros; Los Angeles Dodgers, Inc., d/b/a Los Angeles Dodgers; Peter O’Malley; Montreal Baseball Club, Ltd., d/b/a Montreal Expos; Sterling Doubleday Enterprises, L.P., d/b/a New York Mets; Fred Wilpon; The Phillies, d/b/a Philadelphia Phillies; Bill Giles; Pittsburgh Associates, d/b/a Pittsburgh Pirates; Douglas D. Danforth; Carl F. Barger; St. Louis Baseball Club, Inc., d/b/a St. Louis Cardinals; Fred L. Kuhlmann; San Diego National League Baseball Club, Inc., d/b/a San Diego Padres; Lurie Sports, Inc., d/b/a San Francisco Giants; The Orioles, Inc., d/b/a Baltimore Orioles; Boston Red Sox Baseball Club, d/b/a Boston Red Sox; Haywood Sullivan; Golden West Baseball Company, d/b/a California Angels; Chicago White Sox; Jerry M. Reinsdorf; Cleveland Indians Baseball Co., d/b/a Cleveland Indians; Detroit Baseball Club, Inc., d/b/a Detroit Tigers; Kansas City Royals Baseball Corp., d/b/a Kansas City Royals; Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club, d/b/a Milwaukee Brewers; Allan H. Selig; Minnesota Twins Partnership, d/b/a Minnesota Twins; MTI Acquiring Co.; Carl Pohlad; Minnesota Twins, Inc., d/b/a Minnesota Twins Baseball Club and/or Minnesota Twins; Calvin R. Griffith; Thelma Griffith Haynes; Peter Dorsey; Peter Dorsey, P.A.; New York Yankees, Inc., d/b/a New York Yankees; George M. Steinbrenner; Oakland Athletics Baseball Company, d/b/a Oakland Athletics; The Baseball Club of Seattle, Inc., d/b/a Seattle Mariners; Texas Rangers, Ltd., d/b/a Texas Rangers; Eddie Chiles; Edward Gaylord; and Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Club, d/b/a Toronto Blue Jays, Appellees
Court: Florida District Court of Appeal
Vol.: 739
Reporter: Southern Reporter, Second Series
First page: 610
Last page: 616
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